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Thank you for another successful Computation Cloud training course!

Thank you to all participating Cognitech Tri-Suite software students for another successful Computational Cloud Training Course, which was held on May 2, 2016-May 6, 2016! We appreciate your participation!

Participants expressed their utmost excitement at being trained on our breakthrough Online Cloud based training course!  A major financial benefit of the Cognitech Computational Cloud Training is that each student saved thousands of dollars which are spent on flight tickets, hotel accommodations, restaurants, etc., as well as saving a number of work days due to travel and travel fatigue. The above described advantages of Cognitech Computational Cloud Training are very clear as compared to other traditional ‘brick & mortar’ training courses which may be a thing of the past as the true computational power of Cloud is unleashed as in the case of the innovations like our CogniCompuTCloud.

We will be announcing our next Online Cloud based training course shortly! Please contact us at sales@cognitech.com for your forensic video training needs.


Cognitech Announces the Spanish language Tri-Suite14 software release!

Cognitech Releases Complete Spanish Edition of Forensic Video and 360 Crime Scene Photogrammetry Tri-Suite14 Software and 3-Volume Manual Set in Spanish.


Spanish Language Cogni ComputCloud Training is also announced.


Cognitech, Inc. is thrilled to announce the Release of Spanish Edition of the most current version of Cognitech Forensic Video and 3-D 360 Crime Scene Photogrammetry Tri-Suite14 software with 3-Volume Manuals Set in Spanish Language. The Spanish Edition has the same complete features set, the same functionality and the same GUI as the English language Tri-Suite14 software latest version  (please see Cognitech’s Tri-Suite14 Features List). All Cognitech end-user with the current Annual Support status are eligible to receive this Spanish Version Release free of charge immediately.


In addition, Cognitech will be conducting regular Spanish Language ComputCloud Training Courses in Forensic Video and 3-D 360 Crime Scene Photogrammetry for the End-Users.


Cognitech’s CEO, Dr. Lenny Rudin said, in regards to the Spanish software release, “There are 400 million Spanish Language native speakers in the world. We are excited to release the complete Spanish Edition of world-renown Cognitech Tri-Suite14 software with the accompanying 700 pages, 3 Volume Manual Set in the Spanish language for the Spanish speaking end-user. The Cognitech software end-users can now conduct the entire forensic video investigation that includes image/video processing and 3D analysis in Spanish language, if that is what they want and need” .


Cognitech Forensic Video Tri-Suite 14 software and manuals is currently available in Chinese, English, Japanese, and Spanish Editions. Other languages editions such as Russian and Portuguese are under development and will be made available to the co-current annual support end-users free of charge.


Cognitech anuncia el lanzamiento de software Tri-Suite14 idioma ESPAÑOL!

Cognitech Anuncia el Lanzamiento de la Edición en Español del Software de Vídeo Forense y

Fotogrametría de Escenas de Crímenes en 360 Grados,  TriSuite 14,  y Sus Manuales en 3 Volúmenes.


Cognitech, Inc. está feliz de anunciar el lanzamiento de la edición en Español de la versión más reciente del software de vídeo forense y fotogrametría de escenas de crímenes en 360 grados,  TriSuite 14,  y sus manuales en 3 volúmenes. La edición en Español tiene la misma funcionalidad y la misma interfaz gráfica de usuario como la versión más reciente de Tri-Suite14 en Inglés (por favor, consulte Características de Cognitech Tri-Suite14 Lista) Todos los usuarios de Cognitech con soporte de software anual son elegibles para recibir esta versión en Español gratis inmediatamente.

Adicionalmente, Cognitech estará ofreciendo cursos de entrenamiento en Español acerca de vídeo forense y Fotogrametría  de escenas 3D en 360 grados sobre CompuCloud.

El CEO de Cognitech, Dr. Lenny Rudin, dice lo siguiente acerca de la versión de software en Español, “Hay 400 millones de hablantes nativos del idioma Español en el mundo. Estamos encantados de lanzar la edición completa en Español del software mundialmente reconocido, Cognitech Tri-Suite14, con su manual acompañante de 700 páginas en 3 volúmenes en Españo. Los usuarios del software de Cognitech pueden ahora llevar a cabo toda la investigación forense de vídeo que incluye el procesamiento de imágenes/vídeo y análisis en 3D en el idioma Español, si eso es lo que quieren y necesitan”.

El software de Vídeo Forense Cognitech Tri-Suite 14 y sus manuales están disponibles actualmente en ediciones en Chino, Inglés, Japonés, y en Español. Otras ediciones en idiomas como el Ruso y Portugués están en desarrollo y serán disponibles de forma gratuita a los usuarios con soporte anual actual.

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February 2015 Newsletter

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Cognitech, Inc. Announces the major software release of Tri-Suite14

Cognitech, Inc. Announces the major software release of Tri-Suite14, the revolutionary forensic video software system


Pasadena, CA, —January 13, 2015—Cognitech, Inc. has announced the major software release of Tri-Suite14, the revolutionary forensic video and crime scene photogrammetry software package which includes the Video Investigator®14 software, the VideoActive®14 software and the AutoMeasure®14 software.  Cognitech’s Tri-Suite software algorithms utilize parallel processing with the latest GPU CUDA technology which cuts even the most complex evidence processing time by tenfold or more.


Cognitech’s Forensic Video Tri-Suite14 system is comprised of three interoperable, comprehensive software tool sets: the Video Investigator®14 software, the VideoActive®14 software and the forensic photo/video grammetry AutoMeasure®14 software. New filters include the 3D RAMA® Panorama Measure and the ability to measure operate and measure in the entire 360 degree visual sphere of view, the FaceFusion3D™ Reconstruction filter, the Multi-Channel Fusion filter, Live video reverse reprojection photogrammetry (which makes onsite height measurement of evidence images easy with active playback of live video overlaid on the evidence image), the automatic Camera Calibration module, Real-time Lens Correction, the Geometric Lens Correction filter, the Panorama Builder (which accurately produces up to a full 360 degree panorama from fisheye images).


Cognitech’s Video Investigator software is the most comprehensive forensic video/image processing software environment in the world. It has over one hundred proprietary designed, user friendly plug-ins and modules that enhance, denoise, remove blur, super-resolve, stabilize and stitch panoramic images of forensic video evidence (e.g. faces, license plates, and vehicles). Cognitech’s U.S. patented VideoActive software is the Real-Time video pipelining software that includes the first fully automatic real-time universal de-multiplexing software, the real-time object tracking and real-time universal DVR capture with the US Patented Video Zipper encoding that at least doubles the video storage. Cognitech’s AutoMeasure software is the world’s first automatic forensic photogrammetry software that allows the user to perform accurate bio-metric measurements of the dimensions of a person (e.g. human body measurements), as well as crime scene measurements and geo-spatial crime scene analysis, which is only available in Cognitech’s software.


About Cognitech, Inc.:


In 1988, Cognitech, Inc. was the first company that designed and developed the unique Video Investigator® hardware and software products for professional forensic CCTV video applications and fast accurate Crime Scene measurements. The recent scientific breakthroughs of Cognitech’s research team, and multiple USPTO Awards, proves that a quarter of a century later, Cognitech is still the true leader in the forensic image/video processing and crime scene measurements field. The uniquely comprehensive design of Cognitech’s forensic software combines the state of the art image/video/audio processing with the state of the art 3D image analysis, all-in-one, thus making this software environment a tool of choice for Law Enforcement and Security professionals worldwide.